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Cancer is Curable!

Dear valued Visitor,

cancer is easily curable if you manage to avoid the deathly classical therapies. The Medical Doctors are all misinformed by the Cancer Industry. Search on youtube for "cancer industry" and you will understand what I'm talking about.

There are also some info videos about cures which cost little or nothing. But you can find some valuable information also here on my non-profit website.

Here I'm trying to share with you what I have found out:

Papaya 35 heals even from lung cancer in a progressed stage, provided the patient can be cured from smoking first. Is has got no chance against continuous smoking during the application.
I just want to make this public.

The first time I got to know about Papaya was when I read a book. German title: "Das Krebsheilmittel der Aborigines: Papaya" (Maybe: "The cancer curing remedy of the Aborigines: Paw paw" or similar).

In this book is described how an Australian Aborigine cured a man with a progressed lung cancer who was supposed to die within a few weeks or even days. Surprisingly he was healed completely from his cancer!
In this book I found also - besides lots of info about papaya (paw paw) - a remedy called "Papaya 35" which is manufactured in Australia.

Then I searched the web for this product and I found an importer in Germany. This importer gave me lots of healing reports, copied from Health magazines, newspapers and scientific publications.

The Aborigine in the book had cooked the papaya leaves and branches but in this remedy they are not cooked but fermented by lactobacillus acidophilus. Cooking kills the enzymes. Papaya is already effective without enzymes but with them even much more. And the remedy also contains a highly effective mushroom named "combucha", green tea extract and elder-blossoms. The Magazines and Newspapers don't report about this specific product "Papaya 35" but of the effect of the ingredients on cancer, e. g. the enzymes etc.. But the effectiveness of papaya has been increased dramatically by this unique combination of powerful ingredients! Just believe me! I know, my cause and this page could be taken as a commercial but I'm NOT in any way involved in the sales of this product! I recommend to google the product to find an importer in your country or to find the manufacturer in Australia who ships the product worldwide. The former name of the product was "Papaya 35 Super Concentrate".

A mail to my friends:
Hi friends,
people hardly ever die by cancer itself - but by the diagnosis! They die by the imagination that they are lost. They die by fear. The problem is that many medical doctors kill their patients because they don't know even the basics of psychology. And - that's another subject - many of them got no clue at all. They just cover the symptoms but they never cure their patients from their illnesses.

Another problem is, that the health industry is not really interested in finding a remedy. The expensive gadgets, appliances, instruments, and the cost for former pill research must be amortized first before patients can be allowed to be easily cured. That's why I'm trying to publish, that there is an alternative to all of this hypocrisy. And that there is a highly effective natural remedy! Just help me! Just send out mails, that's all I want.

My response to a sceptical friend:
Dear Friend,
the reports I mentioned are from serious US health magazines and other serious sources. And it convinces me also HOW this remedy works. The first contact I had to this by a book where an Aborigine cured a lung cancer patient who was near to die. I think such a cancer is inoperable. Other cancers are operable. If they are, this remedy could be taken additionally.

And as to the doctors: I would be dead since 12 years if I would have continued going to the doctors. I bought alternative medicine books and cured myself. And in the years before, doctors made lots of mistakes with me. The doctors in the hospitals were ok but most of the others were complete idots. Now this remedy is much better than that what the Aborigine had made. I'm 100% convinced that it helps. I gave my reports to health organizations but I'll get new reports and I'll put them on the web (only if somebody asks me to do this). Cheers, Carola

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