Dichloroacetic Acid Molecule

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Cancer is Curable - also by DCA

How Dichloroacetic Acid (DCA) initiates the suicide of tumor cells.
My cause on FaceBook is primarily about Papaya. But if the Papaya product is too expensive, you may consider to use DCA. The only concern about using this is whether it can be combined with other therapies. It should be the only therapy to be applied. And you know that many people die although they get the therapies by medical doctors and hospitals. I personally would never go through a chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The only thing I would accept is surgery in cases where it is possible.

Dichloroacetic Acid Molecule

I received a newsletter from Dr. Hulda Clark with several subjects. One of them was this (Machine translation from German):

Old drug against cancer discovered in Canada

Dichloroacetic Acid, briefly DCA, was used during decades to the treatment of some of the rare illnesses.
Dr. Evangelo Michelaki of the university of Alberta in Canada has mixed it in the drinking water of the rats who suffered from tumours. Within weeks the tumours shrank, without side effects appeared with brain cancer as well as with breast cancer and lung cancer.

This old drug permits to the cells her original function to take up again and to initiate the normal cell death (Apoptosis).

Dedicate yourself, however, not to the illusion that the pharmaceutical industry will begin in the close future to investigate the potential of this material further. It cannot become patented and also costs only couple of cents per dose.
Hence, the other investigation or licensing is not worthwhile, and it is not available as an admitted drug in chemist's shops and chemist's shops.

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