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Joe Gersich wrote:
"try crashing the blood sugar as the cancer feeds on glucose. also, try a rosemary tea (1 tsp of rosemary in one cup of boiling water) and let that steep for 15 minutes. you might want to add more water to thin out the flavor. the rosemary contains a compound that can keep cancer cells from diving properly - they die. The best antioxident is selenium and just one brazil nut a day contains enough to reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 80% and i am sure that it would work for other cancers. the cancer prefers an acid environment so the bicarb of soda would make the body more alkaline.

Carola Rost-Maskawy wrote:
Thanks, Joe!
But to adjust the blood sugar level to make only the tumor cells starve and not the brain and body is not easy in my opinion. Rosemary is a great piece of advice!
And potatoes - eat them as often as possible to neutralize the acid in the body!

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Carola Rost-Maskawy