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Cancer is Curable!
Papaya - it started with a book

Cancer is easily curable if you manage to escape the medical doctors and to avoid their deathly classical therapies. The MDs are all deliberately misinformed by the Cancer Industry.

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Cancer Industry

I just want to make this public.

Here I'm trying to share with you what I have found out:

Papaya 35 heals even from lung cancer in a progressed stage, provided the patient can be cured from smoking.

The first time I got to know about Papaya was when I read a book. German title: "Das Krebsheilmittel der Aborigines: Papaya" (Maybe: "The cancer curing remedy of the Aborigines: Paw paw" or similar).

In this book is described how an Australian Aborigine cured a man with a progressed lung cancer who was supposed to die within a few weeks or even days. Surprisingly he was healed completely from his cancer!
In this book I found also - besides lots of info about papaya (paw paw) - a remedy called "Papaya 35" which is manufactured in Australia.

Then I searched the web for this product and I found an importer in Germany. This importer gave me lots of healing reports, copied from Health magazines, newspapers and scientific publications.

The Aborigine in the book had cooked the papaya leaves and branches but in this remedy they are not cooked but fermented by lactobacillus acidophilus. Cooking destroys the enzymes. Papaya is already effective without enzymes but with them even much more. The Magazines and Newspapers don't report about this specific product "Papaya 35" but of the effect of the ingredients on cancer, e. g. the enzymes etc..

I googled "Papaya 35" in March 2019 and got
lots of results: Papaya 35 - Click here!

People hardly ever die by cancer - but by the diagnosis! They die by the imagination that they are lost. They die by fear. The problem is that many medical doctors kill their patients because they don't know even the basics of psychology.

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